Sister Dough

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Appropriately named for her flour sack lining, this girl is as light as a southern biscuit!  With no batting, you’ll be good to throw on and go for these unpredictable days of springtime. 

This one-of-a-kind item is made of vintage materials.  It has been lovingly cleaned and repurposed by a gifted artist, Lottie Dal.

It boasts some imperfections, discoloration, and wear that are unique to its personality & beauty.  The patterns, colors, stitches, and stains enfold treasured memories of days gone by.  

With proper care, this heirloom piece will offer many more years of comfort and warmth.  Hand wash, gently wring excess moisture, dry flat, and finish in dryer for ten minutes to restore softness.  

Size xs-s depending on fit preference.