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Cozy Couture

Vintage Swank for the Home

Time-honored Quilts

Liberated and loved anew!

Quilt Jackets

Giving quilts a second chance at life! Did you know that we only transform quilts into cozy coats when they’re no longer in tip-top condition? It’s our way of preserving the memories and craftsmanship while giving these cherished textiles a new purpose.

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Vintage Quilts

Liberating decades-old quilts from the dark and dusty confines of Grandma's attic.  Our multi-step cleaning process rekindles the nostalgic urge to snuggle up under one of these cherished and charming pieces of history.

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Children's Jackets

Because your mini-me deserves to be cozy too! Sustainability meets style as we create unique, upcycled coats that share stories of the past.

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Hi, Yall!

We take great pride in our restoration process which involves soaking and rinsing multiple times in fresh water, vinegar, and washing soda, and then finishing with a delicate wash in Le Blanc French Laundry Wash. Our secret ingredient is the West Texas sunshine, which kisses many of the stains good bye!

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