Sweet & Simple Four Patch Quilt

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Balanced, simple, and sometimes austere, the four-patch pattern might seem basic at first glance, but each fabric is a canvas of its very own.  

Minimal design harmonizes with everything from mid-century geometrical patterns, timeless florals, and chambray to lightweight corduroy & seersucker.  Discovering the many wonderful fabrics used on this quilt will be an adventure!

The colorful top and pristine white backing were machine quilted together, utilizing a thin cotton blanket for batting to give this piece a cozy weight!  There are a few places where the original stitching has come undone.  I crudely attempted to patch these spots to prevent further unraveling, but my expertise is not sewing.  

Measures 90" X 66"

Utilizing a multi-step process of soaking & rinsing in fresh water, vinegar and soda until the water runs clear, and delicately washing in Le Blanc fine linen wash, we take great care to ensure that these beauties are sent to you in ready-to-cuddle condition.  As is characteristic of all vintage and antique textiles, there may be stains, tears, and imperfections.  I have attempted to show any and all issues but may have overlooked some.  

Returns are accepted within 3 days of delivery at the buyer's expense.